United Way of Metropolitan Dallas


United Way supporters empower nearly 161,000 North Texans a year to live healthy, responsible lives.

Although health problems are pervasive in our community, we have an opportunity to create healthier conditions for ourselves — and for generations to come. In alignment with our community’s ten-year goals, United Way works to improve community health by helping families live healthy, responsible lives.

To achieve the biggest possible gains in community health, United Way concentrates on the key strategies identified by local health experts:

  • Expanding access to care. In one year, United Way investors help nearly 56,000 people in North Texas access services for primary and chronic conditions, so they can take control of their health care and prevent costly trips to the emergency room or hospital. United Way also shares information with service providers and other concerned North Texans about additional ways to expand access to care.
  • Increase preventive care for children. Prenatal care and regular doctor visits enable kids to avoid many potential health problems. United Way has quadrupled the number of children served in preventive care programs — to more than 38,000. And at the request of the Dallas Regional Chamber, United Way coordinated the development of a comprehensive community plan for children’s health.
  • Promote healthy behaviors. Fighting obesity in children and adults, preventing and treating drug and alcohol abuse, and reducing abuse of children, spouses and seniors. For example, the Healthy Zone School Recognition Program is instilling healthy habits in more than 30,000 students.