United Way of Metropolitan Dallas


Education is critical to a community's success. United Way invests in efforts that help nearly 80,000 kids a year to eventually graduate and succeed.

Give kids the skills to succeed in education, and you not only enable them to have more stable, rewarding futures — you also create a brighter future for their children and grandchildren. That's why United Way supports our community’s goal of preparing 60 percent of high school graduates to succeed in education after high school.

To boost student achievement, United Way focuses on the strategies that local education experts say are the keys to long-term student success:

  • Readying young kids for kindergarten. For example, United Way advocates successfully lobbied the Texas Legislature to put into law HB 376, which strengthens early childhood education across the state to better prepare children to succeed.
  • Providing out of school support from parents and mentors, and in afterschool and summer programs. One key United Way effort is recruiting hundreds of volunteers to read to, tutor and mentor North Texas students.
  • Enhance academic achievement through English language, math and science, and college and career preparation. For instance, Destination: Graduation is improving graduation rates as much as 11 percent at local high schools. Additionally, Leaders in Science and I Rock Math help elementary students develop the science and math skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.